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One of the issues that surround requires a response, is the question of how to carry oversized cargo. Oversized cargo – a load that has the size and total weight in excess of the maximum allowable for transportation of goods, according to the SDA. For the carriage of the goods is required to hire a special transport. In addition, you must obtain all consents, decorated documents, have documents on the goods, carefully choose the transport route and oversized cargo transportation. Otherwise, Moving in Al Barsha if you do not perform all these actions, shipping will be simply impossible due to the fact that it will be banned.

Which officially recognized oversized loads

The definition given above oversized cargo. There are formal parameters of goods which allowed for transport routes in JYC and Barsha (in the Dubai and of goods standards are somewhat different from the Dubai standards). Thus, the overall load – is:

  • Load which has a height of not more than 4 m
  • Load, the length of which does not exceed 20 meters
  • The width of the cargo – 2 meters 55 centimeters (no more)
  • Total weight of cargo with trucks – not more than 38 tones.

Packers and Movers Any cargo that is different, at least one of the above options is recognized oversized and requires registration permission on their transportation.

Oversized cargo you want to transport, most often are: agricultural machinery, all kinds of structural beams and large construction equipment, metal large containers, cars and trucks in large numbers, and other types of specific goods.

Basic rules for the transportation of oversized cargo

Given the difficulties that can occur during transportation of oversized cargo, should adhere to the basic rules of the safe transport of:

Villa movers and packers oversized loads must be positioned so that the stability of the car was not broken, besides it should not obstruct the driver;

Cargo in any case should not create noise on the track when his carriage, spraying dust and compromise the integrity of the road surface, blocking the traffic signs and road markings are close;

By transportation at night for greater security the goods must be equipped with reflective elements (rear – red front – white);

The speed of the carriage of goods: on the road – no more than 60 km / h on the bridge – no more than 15 km / h;

While snow and ice transport of this kind of goods is not carried out.

In that case, if the width of the load exceeds 4 m, made compulsorily transport support. The driver, who transports oversized cargo, has no right to pick passengers on the road and stay in places that are not designed for this purpose. Transportation of oversized cargo – a complex and responsible process, and the above points should be observed strictly.

What kinds of oversized cargo transportation there

At the present time, based on the existing realities, specialists distinguish three main types of transportation of bulky goods:

Shipper freight – Dubai moving company the mass transportation of goods, which is carried out the supplier to the customer on a regular basis. Maintenance, loading and unloading of goods is carried out at the highest professional level. The number and frequency of traffic depends on how big the performance is the sending side, and on the opportunities for receiving goods, which is the recipient;

Transportation industry such as cargo – is freight, which implies the presence of the distributor company that delivers goods and a large number of consumers;

Transportation of oversized cargo – most often a one-time shipping in case, if there is a need for it.

All commercial transportation of goods belong to one of these three types.

How to make a route of transportation of oversized cargo?

One of the main factors influencing the successful transportation of bulky goods, is the choice of itinerary. During the selection of the route on which the transport will be carried out, it’s necessary to consider not only the specifics of the goods (its mass, size), but the following factors are the most route:

Presence in the path of the cargo narrow and low tunnels with different load capacity of bridges;

Descents with high risk of accidents, steep climbs (the machine can simply climb over them with oversized cargo on board).

Selection of the consignment is best left to professionals who will be able to take into account all the details of such a specific cargo transportation. These professionals are performers site – the most advanced and user-friendly online platform, where thousands of customers and performers meet every day. High quality providers of services guaranteed by the tough selection, which holds among the candidates for the administration of the project executors. High quality service and its affordable price – a motto of work performer’s site House changing services in Dubai.

The choice of a carrier company – responsible process

Transportation of modern goods in general, and freight transport of non-standard dimensions of the more should be done implementing a solid company that has relevant experience in providing services of this kind. The company, the carrier must be extensive fleet of vehicles of different types and models have to be positive feedback on the work of previous customers affordable pricing and high level of professionalism drivers.

If an urgent need to carry goods, and no time or desire to do it yourself, it is best to give this kind of mission specialists who cooperate with site. All necessary for the transport of oversized cargo documents will be issued as soon as possible, experts will select the best route, and transport itself will be made at the highest level of quality. Experts offer only high quality services Bur Dubai House Movers Company!

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