How to Pack Photo Frames and Mirrors for Moving

While packing basic things, like books and pillows, is fairly easy, packing fragile things, like image frames and mirrors, could be a bit trickier. These delicate things should be packed with care alternatively they won’t make it to your new house in one piece. the most effective method to make sure that fragile home goods are packed and moved properly is to easily hire skilled movers to handle them for you. We know, though, that several of you’d like better to save the money and move your own belongings. luckily, with the proper packing supplies, you can also pack and move fragile things from one home to another. Here’s a way to pack image frames and mirrors for moving.

How to Pack Photo Frames and Mirrors for Moving

Start with supplies and preparation

First things: you can’t move mirrors, image frames, artwork, and different fragile flat-lying things without the proper boxes and supplies. Delicate objects that are packed in the wrong boxes are rather more probably to finish up broken or broken by the time they reach the new home. To assured that your mirrors and photo frames make it to their destination with success; you’ll have to be compelled to gather these moving supplies listed below.

Mirrors for Moving
Mirrors for Moving
  • Picture and mirror boxes

  These boxes case the whole object in an exceedingly protecting shell and are generally capable of holding a minimum of sixty-five pounds. One such box we have a tendency to suggest is that the big Mirror and photo Box, which is also capable of being shortened at the side of another box to accommodate even larger mirrors, canvas art items, or framed artwork.

Cardboard Shipping Tubes

Need to move loose posters and big art prints? We have a tendency to suggest getting applicable size cardboard shipping tubes to carry these things. This can make sure that it arrives at the new home while not wrinkling or tearing.

Bankers Boxes 

These durable boxes are absolutely the best for carrying loose photos, image albums, and other paper objects. They made from cardboard and are available with easy-carry handles and lift-off lids. Bankers Boxes also are stackable, creating them simple to store and organize when a move.

Packing tape

 Durable packing tape is an absolute should once packing and moving cardboard boxes. You’ll need to shop for quality tape with strapping adhesive so your boxes stick around along and closed whereas in transit to the new home.


Forego the standard wrap once packing mirrors and paintings. Instead, pick Glassine paper once wrapping and packing mirrors and framed art. Glassine could be a smooth paper that’s air, water, and grease resistant. It’s designed to shield prints, glass, and art from blemishes and scratches.

Packing paper and/or bubble cushioning

You’ll need lots of packing paper and/or bubble padding to fill within the empty gaps between your objects and boxes. This filler can help keep your things in place whereas they’re in transit and can stop something from crushing them whereas inside the box.

Corner protectors

Corner protectors help keep image frames and rectangular mirrors as of breaking Whereas inside the moving box.

Sharpie marker

You’ll need a marker for labeling all boxes. This way, you won’t need to go by removal to find out mirror arts after you reach the new home. Everything is neatly labeled and simple to find.

Follow this step-by-step process for packing

Gather supplies (listed above)

If moving something with glass (i.e. a mirror or glass coated art frame), place a protecting layer on top. this might be a layer of bubble padding, Glassine, or each on top of the glass. Secure with tape.

If needed, place corner protectors on the corners of the mirror or frame.

Lay many sheets of packing paper on the bottom. Place the mirror or frame glass-side down on top of the packing paper. Wrap and secure the packing paper. A lot of fragile the item is, the additional layers of protecting wrap you’ll need. Secure with packing tape. If the item needs additional protection, think about also wrapping it during a layer of bubble wrap.

Place packing paper within the image and mirror box to function as a bottom layer of protection. once stuffing this in, place the protected mirror or frame within the box. Surround the item with additional packing paper or bubble padding to fill any excess gaps.

Seal the mirror and picture box shut with packing tape. make sure to label the box with the corresponding mirror or frame. Label it (fragile) on each facet similarly.

Pack small photo frames and free photos in albums or plastic bags

Small image frames and loose photos don’t need oversized image and mirror boxes. Instead, we tend to suggest choosing Bankers Boxes or tiny low cardboard boxes for packing. Surround the image frame a layer of Glassine and bubble padding. Secure with packing tape and place within the box. Check that to fill in the gaps with further packing paper so your things don’t shift whereas in transit. For loose photos, we tend to suggest moving these in photograph albums or plastic/waterproof baggies, which may each be placed within Bankers Boxes also. If you want to eliminate the additional clutter, you’ll continuously choose to scan and upload your photos digitally instead.

Follow these Special precautions on moving day

On or before moving day, we tend to suggest labeling all mirror and picture boxes with the words (Fragile.) check that to draw an arrow inform up in the direction in which you would like to have them sitting (if necessary). If hiring skilled movers, we tend to suggest letting them recognize that sure boxes are significantly fragile and need to be handled with the utmost care.

This way, they’ll receive special attention whereas being moved on and off the moving truck, make sure that every one image and mirror box are placed in an upright position on their side. You fully don’t need these boxes lying flat within the truck. If something gets stacked on top of those boxes, the chances of your image frames or mirrors breaking will increase two-fold. Despite multiple layers of protection, your image and mirror boxes might not be ready to stand up to the physical pressures of furnishings, big boxes, or different weighty belongings placed on top.

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