4 kickass tricks for Furniture Transfer during Moving

Furniture transfer to new house is a big hassle especially if the furniture is heavy. You sweat so much, you might hurt yourself and also it might strain your muscles and back. Sometimes you can just let go the furniture and buy a new one if it is old or broken but most of the time you have to carry the furniture along and you just can’t leave it lying around in the old house. So here are 4 techniques to help you move around furniture here and there not just during shifting to new place but also for times when you are bored of a typical room setting and want to move things around for a new look of the room.

Trick 1: Use Sliders

You can buy sliders from any local hardware stores in the area or neighborhood stores. Home Depot, Lowes, IKEA etc have sliders available easily. They not only make furniture transfer quick and easy but are also cost effective and less risky. You have rare chances of getting hurt if you use these. How to use it is very easy; just place one slider under each corner or leg of the furniture by lifting it slightly. Ask someone to lift it for you and you can put the slider underneath. Ensure that the smooth side of the slider is facing the floor which reduces friction. Once all sliders are in place, you can push the furniture wherever you want to take it.

Trick 2: Use Shoulder Straps

Take strong clothe straps which are easily available. Somewhat like your car seat belt. Have you seen those baby carriers where you place the baby on your chest and the harnesses and straps tighten the hold of the baby so the baby doesn’t fall? Similarly these straps help furniture transfer where the furniture is placed in front like a baby and the straps are tied so the weight is not entirely on your back and you can easily lift it. But this is a two person thing so the furniture is placed between two people who lift it with straps tied to their shoulders. However this is not recommended for moving furniture up and down.

Trick 3: Use Blankets and sheets

In case you’re short on time and can’t buy sliders, use old blankets and velvety sheets that silky in nature for furniture transfer. These are also used to keep furniture safe during paint jobs or while moving to prevent dust from accumulating on them. Blankets work similar to sliders, but here the entire blanket has to be put under the furniture so this trick is limited to light weight furniture because it will be difficult to place blankets under heavy weight furniture.

Trick 4: Use a wheel cart or trolley

A wooden wheel cart or trolley is also an excellent mode of furniture transfer to different areas of the house but again this is useful for light to medium weight furniture. If you place heavy furniture on such trolleys they might not move freely and even if they do they require a lot of effort to be moved making it uneasy and also tiring you in the process.

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