How to Move Internationally with Pets

You are moving abroad, your Move Internationally with Pets and your beloved pet is coming with you. A move always means stress for the animal – especially when relocating over long distances. However, your international movers can help you make your pet comfortable during transport. You do not have to wonder anymore about how to move internationally with pets because they can make it as stress-free as possible for your furry friend. However, there are things you can do as well to ensure a smooth transition.

Ask Your Movers For Advice

It is imperative to decide that you want to leave your home country for good and move with enough time to prepare. If you have a cat, a dog, or another small animal, you need to plan for their transition. Your moving crew can help you make all the necessary arrangements and collect the required documents. Reliable moving crews understand that every pet is unique and has its own needs. Therefore, they will approach each case with special attention and dedication.

How to move internationally with pets

A Move Internationally with Pets requires preparation. You will have to do more with some pets, less with others. There is a vast difference between moving with a dog and a cat. Dogs are pack animals and often accept change quite easily. The most important thing for a dog is that you are there. On the other hand, cats are very territorial, and they will therefore move unwillingly. However, your move will be easier if you choose help from professionals who possess adequate equipment and knowledge.

Move Internationally with Pets or Cats

A quality transport box is essential when moving your pet. Most cats do not love their transport boxes because they associate them with going to the vet. Therefore, we advise you to put a toy or a blanket that your cat loves inside it a month or two before the move. You can also put your cat’s favorite treat inside from time to time. This way, the cat will start associating positive experiences with the box. Finally, when the moving day comes, take your cat with you and leave the house together.

Move Internationally with Pets
Ask your moving professionals questions about how to move internationally with pets!

Moving internationally with a dog: usually not very problematic

Moving with dogs goes smoothly in most cases. Dogs are more adaptable and not as territorial as cats. Then again, if your dog is not used to travel and prone to stress, you should talk to your movers and prepare for the move in advance. It is advisable to inform the moving company about a dog’s presence Move Internationally with Pets. When it comes to furniture removal and transport, the dog should stay away from the chaos if possible. Dogs travel safest in a transport box, and the safety of your pet should be your number one priority.

Dog on black window car
Don’t forget to walk your dog on the day of the move!

Tips for the actual moving day

The actual day of the move is often stressful. The last boxes are packed, the movers are already loading the boxes, and your animals are somewhere in between. It is not uncommon for cats or dogs to be overlooked in the scramble and flee the apartment. All of the stress and the hustle and bustle on moving day can quickly become too much for your pet. You can save them from this by asking someone they find familiar to look after them as you haul boxes and direct the movers. This will spare them a big chunk of stress that comes with relocation.

Russian blue cat on the bed
Ask your friends or relatives to take care of your pet a few days before the move.

Find the answers to the following questions!

There are strict rules in some countries when it comes to pet protection – for example, against rabies. Good preparation is essential before Move Internationally with Pets. Make sure you research all possible questions that bother you, such as:

  • What documents are required and must be presented when entering a country?
  • How to Move Internationally with Pets if they are older? Are there any age restrictions for pets?
  • What regulations must be considered regarding quarantine?
  • Our quarantine facilities already in place at the time of arrival?
  • How is the pet checked by customs, and must the pet owner be present during the check?
  • What vaccinations or tests must pets have?

Your pet in the new home

You should immediately provide your pet with a place to rest and retreat in your new home. Outfit them with a basket, a blanket, and all the utensils they used in the old familiar surroundings. Try not to cuddle them all the time, but rather behave as you would in your old home.

Moving with pets doesn’t have to be stressful

With the right information and reliable help by your side, you can Move Internationally with Pets completely stress-free. Just remember to start planning on time and give your furry friend as much love and care as you can!

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